09 Mar


Difficult to explain its preparation, but easy to convince any nationality to taste and contemplate the taste of corn turned into cachapa.

La cachapa With the passing of time it has been recognized in different parts of the world and also classified as a Venezuelan product. However, there are still people who do not know the cachapa and when the Venezuelan tries to explain it, he usually has some difficulty. The only thing that inertia is born to say when you hear a “What is a cachapa?” It’s a – haven’t you tried it? – It’s too delicious!

Therefore, this time we will tell you in 5 points, as we can define, explain or even compare to la cachapa:

1. La cachapa It is prepared based on corn, a traditional Venezuelan product and one of the main cereals developed and cultivated by indigenous Venezuelans for a long time. over 8000 years

2. La cachapa It is also known by the name of: Arepa de choclo, chorreada or corn arepa in countries such as Colombia and Costa Rica. And due to so much migration in Spain it is recognized in the Canary Islands with any of these names.

3. One way to explain the product is to compare it with a pancake, only that instead of using wheat flour, the main product of the pancake, the cachapa is mixed with corn kernels or flour corn.

4. La cachapa For a Venezuelan it is as important as: The toast for the Mexican, the paella for the Spanish or the pizza for an Italian.

5. You can fill them with whatever you want, both sweet and savory, although the traditional thing is that it is salty and the one that can never be missing in any menu is “A good cachapa with hand cheese or telita cheese”.