Meet Terezza®

Hello my children...

4 years ago, my children emigrated to Madrid searching for a better future. They created their brand, Tepizzare. Do you know it? They became famous for their cachapas, however, the truth is that the whole menu was delicious. And I mean it, I don´t simply say it just because I´m their mother.

Surely more than once you wondered why they brand used to have the name of “pizza”. If my children saw me write this letter, they would tell me to go straight to the point, but I will take the opportunity to tell you guys, because I am proud of them.


So, continuing with the objective of the letter... after 4 years, they decided to change the name, from Tepizzare to Terezza, while they continue to offer a quality product that they have always sold. The one that for many years of their childhood I taught them. Although you must acknowledge and give credit to my two kids, Kerid and Kevin, who have always put their innovative touch on it: youth and modernism.

Well… what I wanted to get to. They are finally going to dedicate their brand name to me! Now it will be called TEREZZA and although my name is written with an S, they will put the Z for my favorite word "sazón” (seasoning in Spanish) and I asked them to put it double because I love it.

They will also let me share everything about the brand on my instagram, @terezzarest What a thrill! I hope you follow me, and I really wish that you are capable to understand that Terezza, is more than second mom to you or just a place to remember the authentic Venezuelan seasoning, Terezza is and will always be your home.

Well my children, I really hope you visit me in any of my homes, at: Calle Orense, 10 or at Calle Ventura de la Vega, 15. That way we can share the meal together because “those families who eat together, they stay together”.

Just remember that, although we changed our name, we will serve you with the same quality, attention, and the best Venezuelan food that we always cook, with the only difference that now, my kids dedicated their brand to me.

With love, Tere