Arepa de queso frito con carne mechada, nata y queso amarillo
09 Mar


The arepas are synonymous with Venezuela and the fundamental food in the Venezuelan diet, such as bread for a Spaniard or toast for a Mexican. You can eat breakfast, lunch or dinner, fill with whatever you want and even eat without filling, as a companion.

There are different theories about the origin of arepas. One of them goes back to as explained in the article on scrub:

“When the Indians ground the corn between two smooth stones, they made balls with it and roasted them in a utensil called“ aripo ”(a slightly curved iron plate made of clay). From there it even owes its name. ”

However, the mode of preparation changed for the year 1960 when pre-cooked corn flour is already created, what we know today as the “bread flour”. This simplified the process and creation time of it.

As expected, the arepa has been evolving, you can see in some places the yucca, banana or oatmeal arepa and along with it their fillings have also evolved. Increasingly there is more variety and more inventions that accompany this cornmeal, even when internationalized they have been filled with products or flavors typical of each country. As in the case of Spain, the Serrano ham arepa.

In Tepizzare you find the classic arepas that are a tradition for all Venezuelans, but in turn you can also create your own arepa with the filling you want. Our arepa combines with everything.

As we told you at the beginning, arepas are synonymous with Venezuela. If you want to know the different arepas that we have available in our menu: click here