09 Mar


ELearning in Spain has become a challenge for many Venezuelans who have emigrated. Such is the case of our co-founders Kevin and Kerid de Andrade, two young people who, although they wanted to be pilots in Venezuela and were working for it, decided 3 years ago to venture to a new country in search of a more promising future.

They arrived in Madrid working in hospitality, which not only served to save, but also to understand all areas of the sector and define their entrepreneurship. Over time, after doing a market study, they decide to lean towards Italian food, hence their name, Tepizzare , a fusion between their main course and their mother’s middle name: Teresa.

Owners and employees of their own business, Kevin in the kitchen and Kerid in the bar, thus began Tepizzare. With little capital and much competition, with successes and mistakes,  and with a letter that was not giving the expected results, so they decided to listen to the opinion of several clients, who upon seeing the Venezuelan flag asked for Venezuelan food. This is how they decided to gradually give the card a turn and convert Tepizzare in what it is today. A Venezuelan food restaurant with quality products and its star dish, the best cachapa in Madrid.

Although the common dream of these two brothers was to be commercial pilots, not being able to dedicate themselves to it was no reason for them not to put into practice the theories of this profession. Despite the winds against, the turbulence of the process and perhaps the bad weather, they knew how to enjoy the view and set the attitude of their dreams with attitude. Which one of them was to not only get a better quality of life for them but also for their parents, who are their main reference of hard work and perseverance.