10 Apr



Spring is here. The sauce season, the one that causes the most joy and happiness in many because it announces that there is little left for the arrival of SUMMER and… do you know what summer means? Lots of happiness and LOTS of SAUCE …

Surely you associated it with your favorite musical genre, and since you did, we want to take the opportunity to teach you the relationship of sauces with music.

We know that music gives that EXTRA of POWER to everything we do, does the same thing happen to you with sauces? If music is present in our lives, it causes us greater happiness. As with Tepizzare sauces when we order them with our favorite products.

Each person is a fan of a musical genre and perhaps a salsa, right ?! For music, people and #tepifans, SAUCES. We have a lot of variety for all kinds of tastes, personalities and experiences.

And speaking of experiences… At tepizzare we want to offer you the BEST experience accompanied by music that makes us raise our good vibes! So, are you ready to read the songs that we recommend according to the sauces we offer?

Yes, as you read it, we believe that depending on your tastes we will be able to know a song that most identifies with you … let’s see if we get it right !!

If you are a fan of SWEET and SENTIMENTAL, GUAYABA sauce is definitely your thing, so the song that is perfectly in tune with you would be SAVAGE LOVE by Jaws 685 and Jason Derulo! so you can relieve that GUAYABO and enjoy the best tequeños in all of Madrid.


There are moments that mark and give you that SPECIAL and DIFFERENT touch with which you enchant anyone, if you feel identified with that description, we are sure that the AJO MANGO sauce is your thing, and if so, we recommend that you listen to GIRL LIKE ME by Black Eyed Peas and Shakira, while you enjoy your arepa SIFRINA accompanied by this sauce. You will feel that you have the world in your hands!


If you are one of those people who DO NOT FAIL and who are always there to rescue any friend, you are surely a fan of GUASACACA sauce, which looks good on absolutely EVERYTHING, it never fails. For this reason, we recommend that you listen to DANCER by Flo Rida while enjoying an arepa de PABELLÓN and filling it with a looooot of sauce.

There are people who are not easy to find, but when they appear they fall in love with those who know them, it is the same that happens with our AJO SPRITE sauce. We know that you would love that your cachapa with veal is eternal to continue enjoying each bite with its sauce, if you are a FAN of these emotions, we recommend that you listen to DON´T START NOW by Dua Lipa and stay up with the best vibes.


If you are more than CLASSIC and SIMPLE, but you always stand out, surely you feel identified with NATA, a typical Venezuelan sauce that always surprises, it is so good that it is ADDICTIVE, so, if you are their FAN, we recommend that you listen to SAY SO of Doja Cat while you enjoy the best arepa de pernil with extra fried cheese.


And finally we do not forget the SPICY, a sauce that always gives that EXTRA in life that we all need, so while you enjoy your tostones, we recommend that you listen to POSITIONS by Ariana Grande so you will continue in the same salsa mood..


And if you are a FAN of all our sauces, we invite you to listen to our playlist on SPOTIFY, so you will enjoy and take the best Tepizzare experience wherever you go! Stay in tune with the best vibes, we are waiting for you!